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Author Topic: New SacredUtils Configurator | Powerful configuration utility |  (Read 9688 times)

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SacredUtils Project

Simple, Powerful, Beautiful configurator for Sacred and SacredUnderworld.


 • Material Design style application. Thanks Material Design In Xaml.
 • Many useful and very useful settings for the game Sacred and Sacred Underworld.
 • Flexibility in customization, you can change a lot in SacredUtils!
 • Constant support and updates, bug fixes, help with the game.
 • Convenient management of settings and quick work.
 • Compatible from Sacred 1.0 to Sacred 2.29.14. (Modifications not supported (e.g FaithfulMod, RavenRock)).
 • Run the game with optimized parameters right from the SacredUtils!
 • Installing voiceovers (ru, en, de, sp) and gui languages (ru, en, de, sp, fr), and gameserver multicore fix!
 • Installing veteran mod and veteran mod dragon fix (by UFO or thourium).
 • Installing 2.29.14 and 2.28.01 patches on Sacred Underworld!
 • Running balance.bin and creature.pak and weapon.pak editors!
 • Running Sacred Hero editor, Sacred Hotkey Tweaker, Sacred Hero Resetter!
 • Possibility automatic creating colored nicknames! For one second!
 • Working with global.res files (e.g decompiling and compiling global.res).
 • Settings generation, auto generate settings.cfg if there is no file.
 • Is multilanguage! SacredUtils support: ru, en languages. (en semi-machine translation).
 • Check the components of the Sacred Underworld (only 2.28 - 2.29.14) for integrity!
 • Enabling or disabling func "Water animation" without set low graphics!
 • Enabling or disabling func "bog animation", "lava animation", "player footprints".
 • Restoring old Sacred interface, all likes a lot, I think so.


 • Download the sources and run the SacredUtils (compiling source requires VS2017+ and .NET 4.7.2+ and C# 7.3).
 • Download a pre-compiled SacredUtils from the releases page.
 • Download latest version from google drive Release type or Alpha type.

Change Log

 • See SacredUtils change log here (latest version above change log page).

Want to say thanks?

 • Hit the star button (on github) or say thanks message to MairwunNx@gmail.com .
 • May be... Donate please :) QIWI or Yandex.Money.
 • Well, or the easiest way to leave feedback here.

Special thanks

 • Special thanks to Sha**no*us for testing for errors and bugs and design work test!
 • Special thanks to Keboo for beautiful Material Design library and for help with code!
 • Special thanks to JetBrains Resharper Ultimate for the free student license! Use this wonderful product!


 • See screenshots of new SacredUtils update here.


 • Gmail (MairwunNx@gmail.com) | Telegram (@MairwunNx) | Vk (@MairwunNx) |

SacredUtils licensed under Apache 2.0

If you have problems updating from the first build, then download the next release or alpha build manually, or create "temp" folder in $SacredUtils folder!
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