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Title: SacredLumina - hero start-pos editor for Sacred and Sacred Underworld
Post by: HJerk28c on 31. January 2019 15:37:35

Smart and fast hero start-pos editor for Sacred and Sacred Underworld



 * Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Arch: x32 or x64.
 * Administrator rules if application work with folders in UAC secure folders.
 * 2.28 Sacred Underworld!!! Modifications not supported!!! Recommended Steam version!!!


 * IS! OpenSource Project! No privacy, and it opportunity to improve!
 * Writed on new web framework VueJS with using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
 * Constant support and updates, bug fixes, help with editing pos files.
 * Ability to changing game hero start spawn positions in world!


 * Download the source and run the SacredLumina (Electron 4.0.X, Vue CLI 3.X, ES6 is reqired).
 * Download a pre-compiled SacredLumina from the releases ( page.

Run with sources

 * Install node.js from official site, intstall npm.
 * Clone SacredLumina repository ( and unarchive in some folder.
 * Hold Shift and right click in folder with sources > open powershell here.
 * Type in console \ ps "npm i" and wait some time.
 * After installation type "npm run electron:serve" - for run.

Change Log

 * See SacredLumina change log here ( (latest version above change log page).

Want to say thanks?

 * Hit the star button on repo or say thanks message to .
 * May be... Donate please :) QIWI ( or Yandex.Money (

Special thanks

 * Special thanks to JetBrains for the free student license! Use wonderful products by JetBrains!