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Title: SacredMagician - Powerful balance.bin editor under Kotlin JVM!
Post by: HJerk28c on 15. December 2018 21:45:27
A powerful balance.bin editor for Sacred and Sacred Underworld, on Kotlin JVM.



 * JRE minimum version for .jar variant (1.8.0), for .exe (1.8.0_121).
 * Administrator rules if application pasted in UAC secure folders.


 * IS! OpenSource Project! No privacy, and it opportunity to improve!
 * Writed on simple, beautiful and cool language "Kotlin" under JVM.
 * Constant support and updates, bug fixes, help with editing balance files.
 * Ability to creating \ generating balance files, without problems!
 * Ability to change entry bronze \ silver \ gold and etc levels!
 * Ability to change experience modifier to bronze \ silver and etc levels!
 * Ability to change open new skills level (3, 6 and etc)!
 * Restricted not-needed keys, allowed only numbers and "."!
 * Data length control, and safe saving data pasted in textfields!
 * International English we all love! Say "Hello" to all people!
 * Compatible from Sacred 1.0 to Sacred 2.29.14 (Modifications not supported).

 * Download the source and run the SacredMagician (compiling source requires IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2+ and Java8+ and Kotlin 1.3).
 * Download a pre-compiled SacredMagician from the releases ( page.
 * Download latest version from google drive Release ( type or Alpha ( type.
Change Log

 * See SacredMagician change log here ( (latest version above change log page).

Want to say thanks?

 * Hit the star button or say thanks message to .
 * May be... Donate please :) QIWI ( or Yandex.Money (
Special thanks

 * Special thanks to Sha**no*us for testing for errors and bugs and design work test!
 * Special thanks to andrew.azimov for testing and finding some bugs!
 * Special thanks to JetBrains for the free student license! Use this wonderful product!
 * Special thanks to the already existing SacredBinEditor utility, with the help of it, I quickly found those byte offsets in the binary!

In future

 * All tasks for the future are made! If you have idea, open Issue or send it on email me.

Thanks for using SacredMagician! Maded with ❤, please click on ★!