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Title: New SacredUtils Configurator | Powerful configuration utility |
Post by: HJerk28c on 15. October 2018 19:52:10
SacredUtils Project

Simple, Powerful, Beautiful configurator for Sacred and SacredUnderworld.


  Material Design style application. Thanks Material Design In Xaml.
  Many useful and very useful settings for the game Sacred and Sacred Underworld.
  Flexibility in customization, you can change a lot in SacredUtils!
  Constant support and updates, bug fixes, help with the game.
  Convenient management of settings and quick work.
  Compatible from Sacred 1.0 to Sacred 2.29.14. (Modifications not supported (e.g FaithfulMod, RavenRock)).
  Run the game with optimized parameters right from the SacredUtils!
  Installing voiceovers (ru, en, de, sp) and gui languages (ru, en, de, sp, fr), and gameserver multicore fix!
  Installing veteran mod and veteran mod dragon fix (by UFO or thourium).
  Installing 2.29.14 and 2.28.01 patches on Sacred Underworld!
  Running balance.bin and creature.pak and weapon.pak editors!
  Running Sacred Hero editor, Sacred Hotkey Tweaker, Sacred Hero Resetter!
  Possibility automatic creating colored nicknames! For one second!
  Working with global.res files (e.g decompiling and compiling global.res).
  Settings generation, auto generate settings.cfg if there is no file.
  Is multilanguage! SacredUtils support: ru, en languages. (en semi-machine translation).
  Check the components of the Sacred Underworld (only 2.28 - 2.29.14) for integrity!
  Enabling or disabling func "Water animation" without set low graphics!
  Enabling or disabling func "bog animation", "lava animation", "player footprints".
  Restoring old Sacred interface, all likes a lot, I think so.


  Download the sources ( and run the SacredUtils (compiling source requires VS2017+ and .NET 4.7.2+ and C# 7.3).
  Download a pre-compiled SacredUtils from the releases ( page.
  Download latest version from google drive Release ( type or Alpha ( type.

Change Log

  See SacredUtils change log here ( (latest version above change log page).

Want to say thanks?

  Hit the star button (on github ( or say thanks message to .
  May be... Donate please :) QIWI ( or Yandex.Money (
  Well, or the easiest way to leave feedback here (

Special thanks

  Special thanks to Sha**no*us for testing for errors and bugs and design work test!
  Special thanks to Keboo for beautiful Material Design library and for help with code!
  Special thanks to JetBrains Resharper Ultimate for the free student license! Use this wonderful product!


  See screenshots of new SacredUtils update here (


  Gmail ( | Telegram (@MairwunNx) | Vk (@MairwunNx) |

SacredUtils licensed under Apache 2.0

If you have problems updating from the first build, then download the next release or alpha build manually, or create "temp" folder in $SacredUtils folder!